TLEN5370 - IP Routing Protocols

Goal - To provide participants with in-depth skills that will increase marketability. Specifically these skills are intra and inter domain routing and policy.

Prerequisites - TLEN 5330 and either TLEN 5460 or an acknowledgement that extra lab work may be required


  • Required - Routing TCP/IP Volume I 2nd Edition by Jeff Doyle. This book will be used for the IGP portion of the class.
  • Required - Internet Routing Architectures Second Edition by Sam Halabi and Danny McPherson. The publisher is Cisco Press however the majoity of the book is vendor neutral. This will be used for the EGP portion of the class.
  • Optional - BGP4 Inter-Domain Routing in the Internet by John W. Stewart III. This is not required for the course however it does offer some slightly different perspective on the EGP concepts. Also it is a vendor neutral publication and relatively inexpensive.

    Homework - Six homeworks will be assigned over the course of the semester (see schedule for specifics.) Homeworks will be turned in to by class start time and then will be discussed in class (so have a copy available for reference in class.) They will be graded on completion only and will not be handed back. No late work will be accepted.

    Lab Work - This course will include multiple lab sessions. Scheduled lab sessions will typically extend the normal class period. Labs will be graded based on a combination of write up and peer review if required. Additionally due to the diverse range of backgrounds and experiences each lab should be done with a different set of partners. Also please read and understand the lab guidelines and etiquette.

    Participation - I strongly encourage you to discuss homework, lectures and reading material verbally and via the class e-mail list. Students should be prepared to discuss assigned readings and relevant current events during class.

    Exams - The midterm will exclusively cover intra-domain routing. The final will cover predominately inter-domain routing with some references to intra-domain concepts.

    Independant Research Project - Each student will complete an independant research project that will examine a topic related to IP Routing that was NOT directly covered during lectures. The following link is a list of possible topics. The project should be in the form of a written paper of 8-10 pages in standard MLA format and other standard format. The project will then be presented to the class and instructor in an 5-6 minute presentation at the end of the semester. This is a research project...therefore you must reach an independant conclusion with original thought. Students will submit their paper using an originality checking service. Please note this is assignment is due approximately two months in the semester, plan accordingly.

    Grade Breakdown

  • Homework - 150 points
  • Lab Work - 300 points (1 x 50, 2 x 75, 1 x 100)
  • Project - 100 points
  • Midterm - 100 points
  • Final Exam - 150 points
  • Participation - could influence up to a 1/2 grade for course

    Class Schedule - The class schedule can be found on this web site. However anything more than 1 week out is subject to change.

    E-Mail - All class communications from the instructor will occur via e-mail and some of the assigned reading material will be delivered via this medium. This is also the best way for you to contact the instructor.


  • The class TA is discontinued :( Office hours are by appointment and will be held in the lab.


  • This semester the course will be instructed by one instructor only. Kevin Epperson can be reached via e-mail at Office hours are immediately following class or by appointment.

    Disclaimer - All of the above is tentative and subject to change.

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