Partnering is defined as a strategic relationship between two or more contributing groups focused on fulfillment of a common mission. That common mission being the advancement of knowledge and the development of students for rapid placement into a professional position.

With your support, the ITP and the Telecommunications Systems Lab will continue to grow and strengthen through our relationships with corporate and academic partners. Together, our efforts will continue to be effective in providing a complete and quality education.

There are several ways industry partners can support the needs of the ITD Systems Lab. The following are just a few.

INTERNSHIPS - The ITP is the largest graduate program at the University of Colorado with over 500 students. Many have several years of experience in the telecommunication field and all have a high level of practical telecommunications knowledge. Internships provide benefits for both student and employer. The student receives hands-on experience and the employer gains access to a vast resource of potential employees.

RESEARCH - There is a multitude of different arrangements available to industry partners. Historically, equipment has been donated or loaned to the Lab for the development of extensions to existing software/hardware. This may also include interoperability and compatibility testing. Although, the above scenario is typical, it certainly is not the only arrangement. Please contact us for details.


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