Avaya IP600 Internet Protocol Communication Server (VoIP)

The IP600 is a converged voice and data system for VoIP in small to mid-sized enterprises. The switch combines VoIP capabilities with the call processing functionality and features of the traditional private branch exchange (PBX).

The lab has the following VoIP servers:

(1) IP600 - includes a Cajun ethernet switch.

Cisco 6100 DSLAM

The 6120 DSLAM is the primary component in a DSL infrastructure. The DSLAM in conjunction with the POTS separates the data stream from voice allowing for high data rates to travel over standard telephone lines.

The lab has the following 6100 DSLAMs:

(1) 6130 - Includes a POTS rack.


Avaya Definity PBX

The Definity server is a complete telephony solution with support for analog, digital, and ISDN. The unit also includes support for T-1 TDM.

The lab has the following Definity PBXs:

(1) Definity G3

Cisco PIX 500

The PIX 500 is a dedicated firewall which enforces secure access between an internal network and Internet links. The 520 firewall is intended for Enterprise and service provider use with a throughput of 370 Mbps.

The lab has the following PIX firewall:

(1) PIX 520 - includes three network connections.



Cisco Lightstream 1010

The Lightstream 1010 is a Layer-3 enhanced ATM switch. The 1010 is typically used in a campus or Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) backbone. It provides both cell and packet switching at 5 to 40 Gbps data rates.

The lab has the following ATM switches:

(1) Lightstream 1010 - Includes 4 OC-3 links.


Smartbits SMB-2000

The Smartbits 2000 is a network performance analysis tool. It generates traffic at 10/100 Mbps and can be used to identify weaknesses in networks or network devices.

The lab has the following Smartbit analyzer:

(1) SMB-2000 - Includes 2 fiber ports and 4 10/100BaseT ports.


Intel NetStructure 7180

The Intel NetStructure 7180 is an e-Commerce Director . The 7180 combines Secure Socket Layer (SSL) acceleration and Layer 7 traffic management capabilities. The 7180 offloads encryption/decryption with hardware and software to improve response time.

The lab has the following e-Commerce Director:

(1) 7180

Sniffer Protocol Analyzer

TheSniffer protocol analyzer is used to isolate network faults and manage performance of the network.The Sniffer Distributed solution analyzes all seven layers of the OSI model for Total Network Visibility. It observes network traffic to "learn" its unique patterns and characteristics in order to better identify and solve network problems

The lab has the following Sniffer Analyzer:

(1) Distributed ET05


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