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The SMB-2000 is used to test a variety of network devices and complex network configurations, including 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, and Frame relay. Each SMB-2000 chassis can be configuredwith any combination of up to 20 single-port SmartCards.SMB-2000 test systems are completely scaleable and may be grouped to support 640 ports with local or remote control over the Internet.

The SMB-2000 is Designed for:
_ Network Equipment Manufacturers: Perform comprehensive performance analysis for engineering, production, and QA testing.
_ Evaluation Labs: Test and certify different devices from various manufacturers to benchmark their performance.
_ Telcos and ISPs: Perform end-to-end testing to check for trouble spots and weaknesses.
_ Enterprise Users: Test end-to-end performance to monitor throughput and prevent overload.