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The Cisco 6100 with NI-2 system is part of the Cisco DSL product family that provides end-to-end service by carrying data between a subscriber's home or office, a telephone central office (CO), and various networks. The Cisco 6100 with NI-2 system sends and receives subscriber data (often Internet service) over existing copper telephone lines, concentrating all traffic onto a single high-speed trunk for transport to the Internet or a corporate intranet. Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) customer premises equipment (CPE) devices, which are connected to PCs or routers at the subscriber site, modulate data so that the data can travel over telephone lines to the Cisco 6100 digital subscriber line access multiplexer (DSLAM) at the CO. Cisco 6130 IP DSL Switch- Supports up to 128 lines of ADSL or SDSL with or without an external POTS splitter for North American applications the line cards can be installed in chassis slots 1 through 8, 13 through 28, and 31 through 38.

The Cisco 6100 with NI-2 system includes the following components:

Cisco 6100 chassis--A carrier class DSLAM.
Cisco 6120 chassis--A passive plain old telephone service (POTS) splitter.
ADSL POTS splitters, or voice filters (located both at the subscriber premises and at the CO)--Supports simultaneous voice and data transmission.
Management software--Provisions and manages the Cisco 6100 with NI-2 system.
Cisco Internet Operating System (IOS) Release 12.1(2)DA--A command-line interface (CLI) that is available for network element provisioning.
Cisco DSL Manager (CDM) Release 3.2--A graphical user interface (GUI) that runs on a Sun SPARCstation and is a complete Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)-based element management system with fault, configuration, and performance reporting capabilities.

The features of the Cisco 6100 with NI-2 system include the following items:
Supports ADSL Carrierless amplitude and phase modulation (CAP) rate adaptive DSL (RADSL), ANSI T1.413 Issue 2 Discrete Multitone (DMT-2), and G.lite modem support
Small footprint that terminates up to 128 ADSL subscriber lines (using a Direct Connect configuration) NEBS compliant, 23-inch chassis
Manageable through IOS or CDM
Subtend as many as twelve Cisco 6100 chassis, which support up to 1664 subscribers
Supports the entire range of virtual channel identifier (VCI)/virtual path identifier (VPI) connections and none of the connections are limited by memory
ATM Forum UNI Version 3.1 compliant
Nonblocking ATM switching architecture
Allows up to four ATM classes of service simultaneously