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The Catalyst 5500 offers the highest level of scalability, flexibility, and functionality. With a gigabit architecture that scales throughput to millions of packets per second, the Catalyst 5500 supports up to 528 user ports and is ideal for high-density wiring closets. Advanced multilayer features provide the intelligence needed to support mission-critical applications by delivering end-to-end quality of service (QoS) and multicast support. With support for comprehensive array of advanced multilayer switching features and a wide range of interface modules, the Catalyst 5500 effectively meets all requirements of the evolving corporate intranet.

The Catalyst 5500 is a high-end modular switching platform that provides the scalability, flexibility, and redundancy required for building large, switched intranets and can be used in both wiring closet and backbone applications. It has 13 slots and a gigabit Ethernet-ready architecture that scales to more than 50 Gbps and throughput of tens of millions of packets or cells per second (pps).

The Cisco 5500 complies with Cisco`s Investment Protection standards by seamlessly integrating features and interface modules from the Catalyst 5000, 8500, and Cisco Lightstream 1010 products. With its support for hot-swappable modules, power supplies, and fans, the Catalyst 5500 delivers high availability for production networks. Dual redundant switching engines, power supplies, and a passive backplane design ensure full system redundancy for mission-critical environments.