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The Cisco 2600 modular multiservice routers offer versatility, integration, and power to branch offices. With over 50 network modules and interfaces, the modular architecture of the Cisco 2600 Series easily allows interfaces to be upgraded to accommodate network expansion. The Cisco 2600 family is available in three performance levels and six base configurations: Cisco 2650 and 2651, Cisco 2620 and 2621, and Cisco 2610 through 2613.

The Cisco 2600 series is available in the following six base configurations:
* Cisco 2610: One Ethernet Port
* Cisco 2611: Two Ethernet Ports
* Cisco 2612: One Ethernet port and one Token Ring port
* Cisco 2613: One Token Ring port
* Cisco 2620: One 10/100 Mbps auto-sensing Ethernet port
* Cisco 2621: Two 10/100 Mbps auto-sensing Ethernet ports Each model also has two WAN interface card slots, one network module slot, and one AIM slot. All Cisco 2600s include the Cisco IOS IP feature set; other feature sets may be selected as upgrade options.