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The Cisco LightStream 1010 is a 5 Gbps modular switch designed for use in either the workgroup or the campus. It is a Layer-3 enhanced ATM switch that seamlessly integrates wire-speed Layer 3 switching and ATM switching in to a single chassis, eliminating the need for network managers to make a technology choice. The LS1010 provides a cost-effective, scalable, integrated ATM and Gigabit/Fast Ethernet solution in a single chassis.

The Cisco LightStream 1010 uses a five-slot, modular chassis featuring the option of dual, fault-tolerant, load-sharing power supplies.
The central slot in the Cisco LightStream 1010 is dedicated to a single, field-replaceable ATM switch processor module (ASP) that supports both the 5 Gbps shared memory, fully nonblocking switch fabric, together with its feature card, and the high-performance RISC processor that provides the central intelligence for the device. The remaining slots support up to four hot-swappable carrier modules (CAMs), each of which, in turn, can support up to two hot-swappable port adapter modules (PAMs), for a maximum of eight PAMs per switch, supporting a wide variety of desktop, backbone, and wide-area ATM interfaces.
The Cisco LightStream 1010 offers the sophistication and depth of functionality required for true ATM production deployment. Advanced traffic management mechanisms allow for the support of current, bursty, best-effort traffic, while also delivering the quality of service (QOS) guarantees required for the applications of the future.
Available bit rate (ABR) congestion control support allows the Cisco LightStream 1010 to slow traffic sources before congestion becomes excessive, while support for the ATMForum PNNI protocols allows networks of Cisco LightStream 1010s to scale to hundreds of nodes while still delivering interoperable, QOS-based routing.
All of this sophistication is hidden, however, by the true standards-based, plug-and-play capabilities of the Cisco LightStream 1010, and advanced management functions allow for unprecedented levels of network visibility and control.LightStream 1010 Components

Five-slot chassis (same as that of Catalyst 5000) with ATM backplane and fan tray
Optionally redundant, autosensing load-sharing power supplies, each with own power cord
AC or DC (-48V) power supply options
ATM switch processor module running Cisco IOS software with a choice of one of two field-replaceable feature cards
Option of up to four CAMs, each supporting up to two PAMs
Variety of PAM types, from 25 Mbps to OC-12 ATM, as well as native T1/E1 ATM and T1/E1 circuit emulation.

ATM Switch Processor

5-Gbps shared-memory, nonblocking fabric
65,536 cells of shared ATM cell buffers
8 MB of Flash memory standard, internally expandable up to 16 MB plus up to 20 MB through PC Flash cards
Interface timing: Stratum 4 accuracy clock for self timing, master clock distribution port, and loop timing