Your support for the ITP Systems Lab will present educational and leadership opportunities for today and tomorrow's students. As you know, higher education can change a young person's life. Here is your opportunity to help others realize their own success.

As the ITP completes its 30th year, we can look back with pride on how far we have come. However, serving all our students with state-of-the-art equipment and resources cannot be achieved without private donations. Your support will enable us to keep our students competitive.

There are many ways to support the needs of the ITP Systems Lab. The following are just a few.

ENDOWMENT. Cash gifts are an easy way to contribute and save taxes. With this flexible asset, you can designate a gift to support a specific field of study or modernize a facility. An endowment may allow the contributor to name the research Lab in the new Discovery Learning Center (DLC), which is under construction. A gift can be used to expand the existing Lab allowing more students to receive the benefits of the Lab experience through distance learning.

EQUIPMENT. The gift of equipment provides several benefits. By donating a specific piece of equipment to the Lab, a large number of students receive valuable hands-on training. Once a student is exposed to a specific vendor's equipment, that same student will be more inclined to purchase that equipment once they graduate and become a practicing professional. In addition, telecommunication and networking equipment have a short life span. Instead of reselling equipment for a fraction of its value, donate the equipment to a student.


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